WHIPPED CREAM Drops VIPs to ‘WHO IS WHIPPED CREAM’ + ‘So Thick’ Official Video


The genre-defying artist WHIPPED CREAM is fresh off the release of her much-anticipated debut EP WHO IS WHIPPED CREAM through Big Beat Records, but the limitless artist hasn’t let a global pandemic slow her down. She’s now announced a four-track VIP version of the EP, featuring experimental and cinematic mixes of each stand-out track, as well as the release of the official music video for “So Thick” featuring Baby Goth. The VIP version of the EP includes two mixes from WHIPPED CREAM herself, including a tantalizing rework of “So Thick (ft. Baby Goth)” and an industrial take on “Told Ya” (ft. Lil Xan). Rounding out the EP is an atmospheric mix of “I Won’t Let You Fall (ft. Finn Askew)” with Crimson Child, and an absolutely crushing VIP mix of “DUMB SH!T (ft. Jasiah)” that she cut alongside Yvng Jalapeño.



“I really wanted to make a VIP version of the project as a lot of my core followers are fully electronic based” said WHIPPED CREAM. “Stuff I could play out in live sets, at festivals, clubs, in the car… I wanted to sprinkle a bit of every little genre in this pack.”

Her acclaimed debut WHO IS WHIPPED CREAM is a testament to her boundless style, and is proof that WHIPPED CREAM is more than capable of taking on any genre and giving it her own fresh spin. Considering WHO IS WHIPPED CREAM has already become a fan favorite, her new VIP version of the EP is her gift back – and one that proves that WHIPPED CREAM is ready, willing and able to become one of the biggest crossover artists in the electronic and hip-hop realm.

Make sure to pay attention – because the fearless WHIPPED CREAM is on track to continue pushing boundaries and creating music that can be felt by anyone.



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