Afrojack & DLMT Drops New Collab ‘Wish You Were Here’


The legendary force that is Afrojack needs little to no introduction. Despite the global circumstances the Grammy Award Winning producer has been on a roll with records this year from ‘All Night’, ‘Cloud 9’ to ‘Hot’. Now, in collaboration with key figure in the House scene DLMT, the pair present ‘Wish You Were Here’ to be released on Afrojack’s imprint Wall Recordings. Featuring a power-packed vocal performance from Brandyn Burnette, ‘Wish You Were Here’ emotes pure electricity with an up-tempo groove and blazing baseline. Out now on Wall Recordings

Introducing the record is an alluring whistle line, creating an air of mystery and instantly catching the listener’s attention. Renowned for his innovative approach, Afrojack meticulously creates a paradoxically high-energy, vibrant beat that has a touch of melancholy. In collaboration with DLMT, the combination of spiralling sounds, a hard-hitting baseline and emotive notes is the productional power of ‘Wish You Were Here’. Featuring Brandyn Burnette’s soulful, powerhouse vocal performance the track has an unparallel flair. Break dance-esque inspired backing vocals bounce and ricochet, adding a catchy hook to the already bombastic release. Afrojack and DLMT continue to showcase their ability to modernise and make their mark on the world of Dance music.


“What started out as a rough club edit for my show at Escapade last year, has turned into one of my proudest records I’ve released so far. From its inception I really wanted this song to make a statement and I think it does just that in a beautiful way thanks to the help of Afrojack and Brandyn Burnette. ‘Wish You Were Here’ couldn’t be more fitting for a time like this and I hope it helps bring people back together when we really need it the most.” — DLMT

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