lusyv Releases ‘Riding My Own Wave’ feat. Lemonade Baby + Exclusive EDMBoutique Interview

After 4 previous releases, young up-and-coming Australian artist Lusyv is set for a stellar new release with the future-hit single ‘Riding My Own Wave’. Featuring Lemonade Baby on the vocals, the song will be released on September 18th.

“Riding My Own Wave” reaches for a hard-hitting captivating sound which you can feel as much as you hear. Taking elements of trap & bass with a somewhat emotional array of vocal chops planted over the crunchy bass-line, this track begs to push new foundations. Lemonade Baby features on the track with a soft yet driving vocal, accenting the beat in all the right places. Fans can stream and download the song here.

Lusyv is the alias of Eugene Sanso, an Adelaide born music producer who prides himself on an ever evolving sound, being unconstrained by genres or categories. Growing up and being exposed to jazz and blues vinyl at a very young age, he was ingrained with a deep connection to emotional chords, and the powerful way in which music which could bring up certain emotions and feelings.

We see this by the way Lusyv draws on influences from almost every genre, most notably having a recent love for indie, hip hop, bass and left of centre pop. This forward thinking eclectic-virtuoso aims to use music as a vessel to bring like-minded people together and to eventually evolve into a haute-couture movement, driven by a unique and pioneering sound.

Where are you from? 
I’m from Adelaide, Australia!


How long have you been DJ & Producing? 
I’ve been producing now for about 7 years. It started as a hobby from my love of music and has now grown into a strong passion


What inspired the name Lusyv?
I have a love for big cats and I was watching a BBC documentary on them, when I remember they mentioned how elusive they were. I guess it fit with my personality and I love the mysteriousness that comes with it so I chopped the “e” off and made it mine.


What artist were early inspirations in becoming a DJ / Producer / Musician? 
When I was younger I listened to everything from MJ to Nas, but what got me into producing I’d have to say was the likes of Porter Robinson, Skrillex, Cashmere Cat, Disclosure & Flume


Explain the concept behind your new single ‘Riding My Own Wave’? How did you & Lemonade Baby hook-up for the single?
Lemonade Baby and I were actually paired up during the whole COVID lockdown situation by APRA AMCOS (Australia’s performing rights association) as a part of their program to get people making music together remotely. We had made a track together and I was really drawn to the characteristics of his voice so I got him to send me this acapella. I took his acapella and that’s when “Riding My Own Wave” was born. This track just flowed so easily and I made it without overthinking it, I used feeling and instinct instead of getting overly technical and surgical with it.


“Riding My Own Wave” is dedicated to expressing your own individuality, and attracting those that naturally align with you into your life. What can we expect from you for the rest of the year and 2020? 
I feel like I’m just beginning my journey, so if you like what you hear and you’re up for the ride feel free to join me.


What are you missing the most from the scene, pre-COVID? 
People being able to dance and enjoy live music. It’s cool that seated gigs are coming back, but music needs to be felt and without dance you lose so much intimacy and immersion.


What other artists are inspiring you at the moment?
Pluko and Ilo ilo, a duo out of LA have been a big influence on my style. Apart from them you could say new wave like The Kid Laroi, iann dior and of course Juice and XXXTentacion all fit the vibe at the moment.


If you could collab with any artist who would it be?
Someone with a contrasting style, Lana Del Rey would be up there.


Besides music, what are some of your passions and interests?
Fashion and Skateboarding are 2 things that have always stuck with me throughout my life, so it’s hard to go past those. Anything with an artistic side really.

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