Volkoder’s ‘How I Talk’ EP – Out Now On DIRTYBIRD Records


Claude VonStroke’s DIRTYBIRD has become a leading authority on rambunctious, feel-good house music. When a particular record catches his attention, one can trust that it’s going to be one that raise up dancefloors far and wide. Such is the case with Volkoder’s How I Talk EP, which has been dubbed a breakout record by Claude himself.

Volkoder’s history proves he knows his way around an infectious groove. Having earned his first international stripes in 2014 with his Detroit EP, he’s since been picked up by labels like Hot Creations, Toolroom, and Suara; not to mention, his releases find themselves regularly among Beatport’s Top 100 overall releases. With several years of support from Claude VonStroke and other members of the DIRTYBIRD family, it’s time to make his debut on the label with a powerful EP.

How I Talk opens at a simmering pace, beckoning listeners into the void with “I Talked.” It moves from minimal and percussive to downright grooving, with wild vocal samples and a chunky bassline commanding full attention and subsequent shape-cutting on the floor. Then comes the EP’s finale, “How.” Featuring Mc Hollywood’s infectious vocal assistance and heady drum patterns, the track is high-charged and ready to wreak havoc in the best of ways. Those already familiar with the DIRTYBIRD brand have likely heard this one before, given it’s one of Claude’s favorite tracks of the year and has been played out — with crowd approval — countless times throughout the year.



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