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Mikey Lion Crafts Deep House Single ‘The Way You’re Wrong’ for Desert Hearts


2020 has slowed down the pace of life for many, but from this new reality comes a silver lining: time. Mikey Lion has taken this in stride, using his newfound time in the studio fine tuning his craft. Now, we get a first taste of his dedicated labor via “The Way You’re Wrong”—out today on his own Desert Hearts Records.

‘The Way You’re Wrong’ sees Mikey embracing the deeper side of his musicality and paying homage to his influences. A recurring vocal glides atop a soundscape driven by a thick bassline and a foundational synth progression. Electric guitar licks are sprinkled throughout as well as subtle, yet sentimental harmonies, adding depth to the finished product. It oozes in Chicago flair, and marks the beginning of a new chapter for Mikey when it comes to his sonic aesthetic.

Mikey Lion needs no introduction; the Desert Hearts co-founder has helped bring his brand to international acclaim, touring everywhere from Europe to Australia. His Lion’s Den show on Desert Hearts TV has become a fan favorite as well, with the weekly Twitch performance regularly raking in upwards of 20,000 viewers at any given point.

For the past six years, Desert Hearts Records has served as the creative conduit of the Desert Hearts community, signing records from a plethora of world class artists and evolving into an international powerhouse. A few notable artists among its ranks include wAFF, Rodriguez Jr., Joyce Muniz, Nathan Barato, Alex Kennon, and Latmun. Keep eyes on this space.


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