Snavs Release Long Awaited ‘Snazur’ EP via Riotville Records

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Snavs is now releasing his 3-track EP ‘Snazur’ that he did together with the brilliant producer Fabian Mazur. Over the years, Snavs and Fabian Mazur have done several collabs together, ‘Arena’, ‘Murda’ and ‘Exhale’ to name a few. Racking up more than 70 million streams it’s safe to say that when they are in the studio together they produce fire.
However, since Fabian Mazur is switching into a different sound, this EP will be released only in Snavs’ name, but it’s important for us to communicate that they did these three tracks together to avoid any misunderstandings about Fabian ghost producing or so.

Snazur is what the two Copenhagen based producers always called their project files whenever they started anything. First track from the EP ‘Feel It Too’ was released in December and was placed on New Music Friday playlists in Denmark, Finland and Norway + getting into massive playlists like Motivation Mix and Hård Træning.

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