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    Shawn Wasabi Releases Food-Inspired Single & Video for “SNACK” on FACET


    Following his first new single and YouTube upload in over a year, Shawn Wasabi is back with another addictive track and ingenious video. Aptly titled, “SNACK,” the light-hearted pop tune features vocals from frequent collaborator Raychel Jay with lyricism drenched in food references and high school romance. The playful video showcases Shawn performing his signature Midi controllerism skills at a school talent show, in addition to appearances from world-class chef and Kogi BBQ Truck founder, Roy Choi; founders of the popular boba tea shop Boba Guys, Andrew and Bin; and YouTube icon Guava Juice. Sink your teeth into “SNACK,” HERE.

    Co-founder of FACET and award-winning songwriter Justin Tranter was instantly impressed by the creativity and catchy nature of “SNACK,” stating: “Shawn is one of the most exciting producers & artists I have the pleasure of making music with. He’s a musician’s musician while still being cool as f*ck, which isn’t easy to do. When he played me ‘SNACK’ for the first time I was beyond floored by its unapologetic joy, something this world could use a lot more of.”

    Wasabi’s groundbreaking musical innovation has garnered him a massive global audience, boasting over 100 million views on his YouTube channel alone. In “SNACK,” he levels up his craft by utilizing a diverse set of instruments to create the track, including fruit, lockers, and an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. During a camping trip with friends, Shawn created the track in just an hour then mixed and mastered it at Starbucks – yet another unique and authentic page in his creative story.

    Tranter’s co-founding partner Katie Vinten added: “Shawn is a rainbow personified. His music simply radiates joy. Every time I listen to ‘SNACK’ it brings a smile to my face. It’s like opening a bag of skittles as a kid on Halloween. Shawn knows who he is through and through. That kind of confidence is so special and should be celebrated. I can’t wait for the world to be privy to his genius, as Justin and I have been for some time. It’s Wasabi time!!”

    Wasabi’s latest release, “MARBLE TEA,” has collected half a million views in two weeks, a triumphant return after a year-long break in uploads. The highly-anticipated single is an extension of a recent viral video he posted to Twitter, where he’s featured making beats with bubble tea pearls. Last year, Wasabi released the track “SQUEEZ®,” another beverage-inspired tune featuring vocals from Raychel Jay, and has since earned over 1.3 million views.





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