Evan Gildersleeve

Premiere: Evan Gildersleeve Releases Debut Single ‘Mortal’ + Official Visuals

“I wanted there to be a gentle push and pull between organic and synthetic whereby the electronics responded sympathetically to the piano. This helped create contrast in the arrangement and allowed me to delve deeper into sound design. The evolving atmospheres combine synthesized tones with bowed percussion and granular processing. I also experimented more fluidly with time to help create the shifting sense of tension.” -Evan Gildersleeve


The expansive visual world for ‘Mortal’ was created by Hamburg based motion artist Nicolas Arnold and is largely inspired by the natural world.

“Nicolas’ work is incredibly organic but also completely otherworldly. We spoke a lot about the overarching themes of the track and having sent over some of the imagery I was inspired by, he began sharing ideas immediately. He really took the time to connect with the thoughts behind the music so at this point I feel like he’s a much a part of the project as I am. I honestly couldn’t imagine a more fitting companion to the track.”

The release of ‘Mortal’ is scheduled to coincide with Bandcamp’s fee waiver day in November, the proceeds from which will be donated to UK mental health charity Mind.


Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/682Y9G75t8xcmY6QBqTAHS


“I’ve found a lot of comfort in solitude over the past few years. Creating space for myself has had a huge impact in easing any mental disruption but finding yourself alone can be equally challenging. Self-isolation has forced people’s hands in that respect so I can empathize with anyone who’s found this particularly difficult. There are a number of amazing charities who’ve helped provide support throughout the pandemic so I’ve chosen to donate any Bandcamp proceeds to Mind.”


About Evan:
Evan Gildersleeve is a London based composer and electronic musician. Having previously gained support from the likes of Radio 1 and 6 Music as half of electronic duo Tired Arms, Evan now prepares to reveal his first solo offering. ‘Mortal’ explores the composer’s personal challenges with mental health, his search for solitude and the conflict of imposed isolation. The standalone single arrives November 6th on Human Worth.

“Mortal began as a much broader project but when I listened back to a lot of that music in lockdown I felt increasingly disconnected. I did however rediscover the piano improvisations I’d recorded and it was hard to believe a moment that peaceful ever existed. Although comforting at first, the growing tensions we experienced inevitably crept in. The track’s been really significant to me in that respect, offering both an escape and the space to express my disorientation.”


Human Worth Label
Human Worth is a new charitable label raising funds for people in crisis through their shows and releases. The label began as a series of fundraiser nights across the UK, bringing together an array of artists all in aid of charity.





Written & Produced by Evan Gildersleeve

Mastered by Shawn Hatfield
IG/FB/T – @audibleoddities

Video & Artwork by Nicolas Arnold
IG – @frame.and.color

Press Photography – Olly Burn
IG – @ollybur

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