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DUCK SAUCE Drops ‘Mesmerize’ Visuals That Will Alter Your Consciousness


Duck Sauce—the fun-loving, extraterrestrial-spotting, zoo-frequenting, tamale-eating, bargain-shopping, prank-calling Grammy-nominated duo of A-Trak and Armand Van Helden—is back doing what they do best: reinventing the music video. Coming ten years after the legendary “Barbra Streisand,” nine years after the VMA-nominated “Big Bad Wolf,” and six years after their last official release, their new offering “Mesmerize” opens a portal into a new dimension.

Is it a postmodern art gesture about tedious pitch decks, mood boards, Slack channels and YouTube K-holes? Is it a scientific rumination on particle physics, multiverse theory and the Fermi paradox? A metaphorical exploration of the butthole as a transdimensional doorway? A virtual enema of the internet, perfectly suited for the simulation that is 2020?

Who knows. You should probably just watch it.


While you’re at it, check out the duo’s cable access variety show Duck Duck Goose (KOPR Roswell, New Mexico, and generously shared on YouTube) where they interview music legends (David Guetta, DJ Premier), esoteric specialists (Billy Carson, Mark Sargent), and share recipes here.


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