Exclusive Premiere: CDJ aka The Godfather Releases New Single ‘Mama’

CDJ also known as the “The Godfather” – With a career that’s spanned the best part of a decade, he is widely recognised for his smooth swag, making full use of his story telling abilities, this “cool cat” with that special something creates his unique blend of music. He is influenced by hip-hop, garage, house, and electro music. The music, just like the lyrics, is dedicated to a wide variety of topics, ideas and experiences.
Born in Tokyo and raised in different continents, at a very young age he appeared as a dancer in a Jocelyn brown video, then continued his career as solo artist performing as a rapper, singer and dancer in Germany. He first released a critically acclaimed album “Ready for the Rev,” followed by two more EP’s, with the song “the Buzz” been a favourite on FM4 radio.



The man has gone on to feature plenty with the likes of Hubert Tubbs and others plus rejuvenating his solo career with stellar releases like ‘hungry 4 your luv’, thought provoking lyrics, carving a niche for himself when it comes to Hip hop/soul infused house and intricate arrangements where rolling basslines provide perfect soundtracks for his distinctive style.

His brand new single ‘MAMA’ fuses different music genres and draws its inspiration from house, garage and electronic sounds. Gifted with a unique smooth delivery, he gives this track a cool inclination and manages to present a coded message that requires deciphering. This mid-tempo gem is polished with an alternative indie edge.

In times like these where people feel insecure and long for a reassuring touch from somewhere above, CDJ takes you on a short ride in an attempt to dissect the present state of mind people are in. Surrounded by different kinds of stereotypes people in an urban setting often tend to feel lonely; sometimes even afraid. The fear is sometimes so intense that you can almost feel it.

He is a socially conscious artist who spends his time supporting young refugees in Vienna.


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