FABIAN MAZUR Returns With New Single ‘King Is Back’


“King Is Back” is the comeback track from the danish artist Fabian Mazur. Having taken a break from releasing electronic music for almost a year Fabian is finally back with a hard-hitting trap track. Rowdy vocals, bouncy drums and unique sound design characterises this hiphop-inspired banger. The king is back.

“King Is Back” is the first track I made this year. I wanted to do something unique and experimental while keeping the signature FM sound. The track started from a phone memo of me whispering “Ah yeah, fuck it up” multiple times while beatboxing. This may sound ridiculous but it was actually what sparked the whole track idea. I then went on to produce the track with a dark hiphop-like vibe with a heavy bounce to it. My intention was to create something with a head-bopping energy that would project onto the listener! I hope you guys enjoy it ;)



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