JustSidekicks Releases New Single ‘Home’ feat. Daphne + Exclusive EDMBoutique Interview

Where are you from?
Oren and Max are from Washington D.C.

How long have you been DJ & Producing?
Max has been producing for around 4 years and Oren has been producing for about a year. However, we have both been playing guitar since elementary school.

What inspired the name JustSideKicks?
One day we were just talking about the music industry and we were saying how we feel like people usually think of the singer as the superhero and producers are just the sidekicks because they play a vital role in the song’s success, but the artists are in the limelight. Therefore we’re “JustSidekicks”

What artist were early inspirations in becoming a DJ / Producer / Musician?
We are inspired by countless musicians from all different genres including Benny Blanco, The Chainsmokers, John Mayer, Polyphia, Zedd, Kygo, Calvin Harris, and Juice WRLD

Explain the concept behind your new single ‘Home’?
In a time with so much change, home is the one thing that keeps you grounded. Our goal was to create a song that reminds everyone of their home, no matter what or where it is.

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year and 2020?
We have really been on the grind and we have no plans of stopping anytime soon. You can definitely expect to see a slight shift into more pop-focused music. Lots of releases on the way 🙂

What are you missing the most from the scene, pre-COVID?
We really miss going to concerts, hanging out with friends in school, and honestly just living normal everyday life.

What other artists are inspiring you at the moment?
Newer artists we’re inspired by are Curtis Waters, Lauv, Louis The Child, and Internet Money.

If you could collab with any artist who would it be?
If we could collab with any artists, we would collab with Halsey because her voice is killer.

Besides music what are some of your passions and interests?
Besides music, Max likes playing soccer, drinking sparkling water, and watching Youtube. Oren like playing videogames with his friends, watching college basketball/football (esp. University of Michigan – Go Blue), and binge watching Rom Coms and David Dobrik Vlogs.


On September 18th, US production duo JustSidekicks are set to release their anticipated new single, “Home”.

JustSidekicks is comprised of high school best friends Oren Strobel and Max Streitwieser. The pair have quickly garnered attention via their slick, eclectic and idiosyncratic sound that takes inspiration from a variety of genres and moods – one that is constantly evolving as they discover more about what speaks to their artistry.

“Home” is the latest example of this. Like previous single “Just Another Memory”, which has earned over 100k Spotify streams and received widespread playlist support, their newest offering fits into the ‘electrorock’ genre – a term coined by the duo themselves to describe their music. “Home” combines the heavy, raw guitars of rock, with the arrangement and builds of EDM, yet is accompanied by jazzy, pop vocals”, explain the duo. “We didn’t know if we wanted to go more dance, rock, or pop, so we said, ‘screw it’ and made them all one”.

The song’s atmospheric instrumental provides the perfect backdrop for the effortless, dazzling vocals courtesy of singer Daphne, especially potent in the more stripped back moments.

“Home” is particularly special to JustSidekicks, a track that encapsulates the transformative period in their lives as they prepare to leave their hometown of Washington, D.C. and take their next steps into adulthood. “In a time with so much change, home is the one thing that keeps you grounded. Our goal was to create a song that reminds everyone of their home, no matter what or where it is”.


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