Draeden Releases New Single ‘Illusion’ + INTERVIEW


Draeden blends cinematic, EDM & Metal and delivers his new thunderous single “Illusion”. In this original, he pairs together thumping percussions, heavy guitar riffs, and a cinematic soundscape with sci-fi storytelling to create an epic action movie banger.

“Illusion” is Draeden’s first independent release with Symphonic Distribution. To this day, Draeden released his official Sullivan King remix, his Conquest EP and his first single “Arbiter” on Kannibalen Records. He also released his official “12th Planet – Let It Bang (Draeden Remix)” on 12th Planet’s Swamplex ExtraTerrestrial EP on Disciple. Draeden also got featured on EDM.com, EDMTunes, Noiseporn, UKF and others.


What inspired the new single?
I was a huge metal fan growing up. In Flames was definitely one of my favorite bands. That’s where the intro and outro come from. I’m also all about perspective when a situation occurs. Sometimes you think people feel unhappy because of what they have or don’t have, but they’re actually in a better place mentally than you are yourself. The voice sample at the beginning of the song is there to remind us to make the most out of what’s in front of us.

What can we look forward to this year?
Of course more releases! Maybe some remixes also, and I wish to make more Youtube content for my fellow producers.

When & what is the next release?
I’m planning on releasing music more consistently this year. Some songs have already been signed to labels I wanted to work with for a long time now so I’m grateful for that. I also just spent a month in L.A. and met a ton of people. Unfortunately, I can’t really say “when” and “where” at the moment, but there’s definitely lots of cool stuff on the way for 2020.

If you had to open Spotify right now what artist do you play?
It’s been a couple of years now that I’ve been fascinated by all the new projects Tom Delonge has been working on. This guy really inspires me to follow my own path. He’s also making music under Angels & Airwaves now. I love the way this band’s music elevates me and gives me ideas to explore new boundaries.

Favorite / craziest show or fan memory?
I attended this rock festival a couple of years ago in Quebec which was called Rockfest. I had the opportunity to see System Of A Down and Linkin Park on the same weekend. That was insane! I also saw Dog Blood in Miami last year and the show was super industrial and groovy. Those guys are out of this world.



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