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    HVNNIBVL Releases Self-Produced Genre-Blending 6-Track EP


    Buffalo-based singer, songwriter & producer HVNNIBVL began making music at age 12 and started releasing under his artist alias (derived from his surname, though the “A’s” are replaced with “V’s” to represent his title – the fifth of his name) in 2014. Using his innate ability to bridge the gaps between Electronic, Pop and Hip Hop, he catapulted to notoriety in 2016 with songs “Lose” and “No Cover,” which charted on Spotify’s UK viral list. The following year he built on that success by opening for artists like Lil Uzi Vert, blackbear, Poppy, THEY., & more. His big 2017 independent single, “On & On,” was premiered by Clash Magazine and spurred equally triumphant remixes like that of Evix which gathered over one million views on Trap Nation. Also in 2017, he collaborated with duo It’s Different on big singles “Will You I Will” and “Holding On,” which both amassed millions of streams.

    In 2018, HVNNIBVL saw the most success from his work with frequent Zedd collaborator, KDrew. Their single “Body of Gold” was featured in Apple Music’s “Hot Tracks” and “A List: Dance” for weeks. HVNNIBVL relocated to Los Angeles in early 2019 and has started to make a name for himself in the community as a performer, songwriter, and producer, through notable releases like “Water” / “Water VIP Remix,” “Livin’ Lovin’ Life,” and headlining spots at UCLA and The Satellite.

    2020 marks a renewal period into a more introspective sound through his forthcoming Reasonably, Relative EP, which masterfully blends multiple genres including electronic, pop, R&B, punk, and hip hop across six tracks. HVNNIBVL self-produced, wrote, sang on, mixed, and mastered every track on the project as he does for all of his music. He released its first single, the catchy pop punk-influenced “Losin My Mind” in April and has followed it with singles every month since. The upbeat tropical pop single “X2CU” and the irresistibly edgy and soulful electro pop single “Who’s Gotcha” dropped in June and July, respectively. He’s since released two funky pop tracks, “Worth It” and “Something Special.” On October 9 those previously-released singles will be joined by a new entry, the infectious hip hop & pop fusion, “TDRLY.” The project’s new offering features HVNNIBVL’s delightfully autotuned voice over a fluffy soundscape grounded by light trap-inspired percussion.


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