Eccentric Russian Multi-instrumentalist Biicla, Releases ‘Heart & Stay’


“Biicla was signed by the same team that manages Whethan and Oliver Tree, and his off-kilter quirk-punk style reflects this patronage” – Billboard


eccentric Russian multi-instrumentalist, visual designer, singer-songwriter and producer Biicla‘s extremely catchy new house single, “Heart & Stay“. Discovered by the team that brought us Whethan, Oliver Tree and Mason Ramsey, Biicla is from an extremely small town in Russia called Labytnangi (born in Dubna) which has a population of less than 30,000. He’s had success in Russia and recently began to make waves in the US with his unique, international style of indie electronic music with the delivery of his first two global releases; “No Place,” which was premiered by This Song Is Sick and praised by Billboard in August, and “Girl” which came out last month.

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