Monika Kruse

MONIKA KRUSE Releases ‘Rising Heart’ via TERMINAL M


One of our favorite producers and label owners is back with an incredible EP ‘Rising Heart’ on her label TERMINAL M. Monika Kruse drops a 3-track journey featuring two dance floor heaters complemented by an amazing ambient single ‘Love Frequency 528Hz’ (digital only). With early support from Adam Beyer, Bart Skills, UMEK and more you can expect to hear these tracks once we all get back on the dancefloor.


Love frequency 528 HZ„ is an ambient track, created during the lockdown, where I used the healing frequency of 528 HZ – maybe it is good to meditate on it. We all need to calm our thoughts and fears and I wanted to create some ambient music on my ep as well as it expresses my state of mind in that period of time. -MONIKA KRUSE

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