Australian producer TWERL Releases New Single ‘Follow Me’ via Quality Goods Records


Closing out October is Australian producer TWERL’s new single on Quality Goods Records titled “Follow Me.” Out October 16th, TWERL’s debut on the label brings an ominous and haunting trap track with dark influences perfect for your Halloween DJ sets, playlists, and festive parties.


Beginning the track is a terrifying atmosphere of other worldly vocals, brooding bass, and alarming FX. Wasting no time, TWERL sets us up for the drop, presenting us with a glitched out melody line, only to switch up into a crazy lead synth that pulls and pushes on the listeners emotional state as the drums knock you back and forth to the rhythm of the groove. We return to the dark atmosphere from the beginning, anticipating even more the second drop, which TWERL fully delivers on. We’re presented with growling bass and whimsical low energy wubs that punch through the speakers. There’s no doubt that TWERL is coming in hot with ‘Follow Me,” demonstrating why Australian bass music is alive and well in 2019.



Soundcloud: @twerlbeats
instagram – @twerlbeats


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