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Laidback Luke & Digital DJ Tips Team Up To Release Online Course To Make Bootlegs, Mashups & Re-edits



Internationally known DJ and producer Laidback Luke has teamed up with online DJ school Digital DJ Tips to release a brand-new training course, teaching DJs how to make bootlegs, mashups and re-edits of songs to play in their DJ sets.

The course, called “Laidback Luke’s Bootlegs, Mashups, & Re-edits”, teaches beginners how to make all kinds of edits – exclusive, special versions of songs that big-name DJs typically make before their DJ sets, in order to give them something completely original to play at their gigs.



“Laidback Luke’s Bootlegs, Mashups, & Re-edits” follows the successful release last year of “Laidback Luke’s Creative DJing Course”, also in partnership with Digital DJ Tips. The course was a first for this type of collaboration and its success demanded a follow-up.

“Bootlegs, mashups and re-edits have always been a part of what DJs do, and what I have done, and I have taught many DJs and producers some of the skills in this course privately over the past 20 years,” said Laidback Luke.

“However this is the first time I have put all of that knowledge in one place. The team at Digital DJ Tips really pushed me to dig deep into why I do things the way I do, and helped me to structure the learning so it will be of most use to all students, whether complete beginners to DJing and production, or people who feel they would benefit from being shown how it is really done by the pros.”

Phil Morse, founder and CEO of Digital DJ Tips, said: “DJs often think that getting started in music production is too hard, and so they don’t start! But the truth is that by making your own versions of other people’s music, whether simple edits or full-on mashups and bootlegs, you can tap into what you already know as a DJ about what works on the dancefloor, and get started down the road to making your own remixes and tracks.”

“We are especially proud to have been able to navigate the current situation with COVID-19 and successfully make this course in 2020, at a time when many DJs have few gigs and so may benefit from the chance to learn skills such as these, that will serve them well when lockdowns finally ease,” he added.

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