ARIUS Drops MY BAD Collab ‘Crazy For Falling’ feat. Isaiah Brown


Internet sensations and all-around musical badasses, ​ARIUS​, return for their sophomore release with Create Music Group; a breathtaking collaboration with MY BAD featuring ISAIAH BROWN entitled “​Crazy For Falling​”.

From the second you press play, “Crazy For Falling” transports you to a time and place we have all been before: the enchanting moment when you realize that you are falling in love. The pairing of Isaiah Brown’s powerful vocals with the beautiful soprano captivate you just before the record transcends into an iconic guitar riff and future-bass inspired drop. This same profound energy continues throughout the record and establishes “Crazy For Falling” as a heartfelt song with an emotional and meaningful background, possessing all of the ingredients to be this year’s next big dance-pop hit.


“Love can make us crazy – whether you’re falling in love or are already in love, it is an emotional rollercoaster that we all can identify with. It’s a scary, risky endeavor, but being in love and being loved is the most amazing and rewarding feeling. “Crazy For Falling” is our reminder to everyone that falling in love is worth the risk… so take a chance, and don’t be afraid to fall.” -ARIUS


ARIUS blessed us with the captivating love song that we all needed in 2020 by personally recruiting each of their collaborators: Colorado native and longtime friend, MY BAD, co-produced the record with ARIUS, while LA native, GhostDigi, lent a hand on the sultry and sexy guitar loop that you hear in the intro. ARIUS also enlisted Los Angeles based recording artist/songwriter, Isaiah Brown, to provide vocals and assist with the songwriting, not only for his exceptional voice, but predominantly due to his focus on detailed lyricism and soul, and his desire to connect people to their truest selves.


“To me, Crazy For Falling is a story about how love knows no bounds. That feeling of ecstasy when a spark between two people blossoms can drive one mad, but this is a record about how it’s worth it, no matter the cost. ‘I wanna dive in, baby. I don’t care if I’m crazy, for falling for you.’ Love is worth the risk, no matter the outcome.” -I​saiah Brown


“Crazy For Falling” is the perfect follow up to the duo’s first record with Create Music Group, “Love Is A Killa,” and further demonstrates that ARIUS are elite musicians who command a multitude of sounds.


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