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Carnage & The Martinez Brothers Releases ‘Together’ feat. Elderbrook & Mike Dean via ULTRA RECORDS


Returning to Ultra Music for his third studio album Papi Gordo 2, Carnage teams up with The Martinez Brothers on the inaugural track “Together,” featuring Elderbrook and Mike Dean. The pioneer of trap sounds makes a sonic departure from heavy-hitting bass in his newest single, available on Friday, August 7 via Ultra Music. “Together” is the first single from Carnage’s Papi Gordo 2.



A lush escapade into the musical worlds of Carnage, The Martinez Brothers, Elderbrook, and Mike Dean, “Together” is a song for the ages. Dissolving genre barriers, each artist plays to their strengths while simultaneously elevating each unique style to its peak. Smooth house beats swathed with percussive techno elements set the stage early as Elderbrook’s soft croonings carry into a mirage of synths. A textured track infused with nuanced flare, “Together” is a luminous triumph from four impressive artists.

Carnage’s typical bass-heavy sound sits back for the sweet, soft treat that is “Together,” standing as powerful testimony to the producer’s artistic breadth. Teaming up with some of the biggest names in hip-hop, pop, and electronic, Papi Gordo 2 is the long-awaited follow up to Carnage’s critically acclaimed debut album, Papi Gordo. Featuring collaborations with Migos, Ty Dolla $ign, Rick Ross, Lil Uzi Vert, and more, it’s no surprise that Papi Gordo achieved Gold status. Papi Gordo 2 is slated to be one of 2020’s best. Stay tuned.

“One of the main reasons I don’t release music frequently is because I live by the saying…quality over quantity. ‘Together’ the most emotional and raw track that I have ever made and I could not be more proud of it.” – Carnage

Papi Gordo II reunites Carnage with the famed dance music label Ultra Records. The release of the album will be a full circle moment for Carnage as he returns to the label that helped launch his career in 2015 with the timeless Papi Gordo album, which remains one of the most streamed dance music albums of all time. Papi Gordo II is slated for release in early 2021 and includes a lineup of features and collaborations that only Carnage could assemble.

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