Philadelphia Artist Skvwalker Releases 7 Track LP ‘Broke Music’ + EXPLOSION KID Visuals


With the long-awaited release of Broke Music, Skvwalker and JordanTheFilm come together to deliver a treat for fans who enjoy the art of cosplay. Earlier in the summer Sky released the single, “Explosion Kid.” A track dedicated to the fandom generated from TikTok, showcasing many easter eggs from beloved anime series many people have come to know and love. Now with the drop of the LP, the release for the Official Music video is exclusively available here:



“Broke Music” is the debut album for Philadelphia native, Skvwalker. The artist puts together a 7 track LP capturing the essence of a creative handling the process of turning nothing to something regarding music and character. The highly anticipated release is really 3 years in the making and truly shows off the prowess and growth from Skvwalker’s artist collective, VodHavok Studios. The LP has been touched by Skvwalkers in house producer now going as 4Ever, Payton Ape, Olivier Bassi, Brian Sheil, and Nikolas Sarnacki from The Sunken Room. Featuring artist Isnotcynical and ChefKarllo!
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