Desert Dwellers

Desert Dwellers Release Breath Reimagined Vol. 1



Succeeding the release of Desert Dwellers’ monumental ​Breath​ album, Amani and Treavor continue their patronage to cultural celebration and musical heritage with ​Breath Reimagined Vol. 1​. Featuring an abundance of new-comers to the Desert Dwellers sound, this inaugural volume shall precede a trilogy of remix albums to come from the ingenious duo. Throughout

Breath Reimagined, 1​ 4 brilliant producers within the psychedelic and world-fusion communities exhibit​ ​14 euphonious recreations, each derived from one of the original 10 tracks.



Falling into an altered state of consciousness, Halfred recreates “Dreams Within a Dream” with dub bestrewn over alluring instrumentals. Once you leave your meditative state, Nanosphere merges seductive instrumentation with funky low frequencies as we continue “Traversing the Endless Road.” Forging ahead, Gumi guides you through a turbulent wind of dynamic and atmospheric beats in “Closed Eyes in a Dust Storm.” Traveling by foot, you discover the “One That Shows The Way” through MantisMash’s sonorous synths and Somatoast’s soprano rendition.

As you begin “Longing For Home,” DISSØLV raises the original downtempo piece an octave higher to create a sonic soundscape while Mindex incorporates elements of glitch. Mumukshu reinvents the original global folk “At Last, Our Refugee” track into a resounding four-minute bass voyage that overlays an accelerated tribal trap foundation. “Praise Her, the Fire Keeper” receives reimaginations from Pitch Black, who adds a bass backdrop to the tranquil piece, and TRIBONE, who takes the composition underground. As listeners continue to explore the “Realms of Splendor,” DRRTYWULVZ commences a series of bass undertones as metal continuously rattles together in Erothyme’s recreation. Globular’s Vicious Ether Remix of “To Be the Air” fosters an upbeat environment for the buoyant acoustic atmosphere. Compelling you back into deep meditation as ​Breath Reimagined​ concludes, Bluetech’s Berlin School Mix introduces Holotropic Breathwork to “Breathing the Mysteries.”


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