Emiliano Demarco

Emiliano Demarco Takes Desert Hearts Black to ‘Abstract Worlds’



Argentina up-and-comer Emiliano Demarco crosses stateside today with his Desert Hearts Black debut, ‘Abstract Worlds.’

Demarco serves up three choice cuts of melodic techno for ‘Abstract Worlds,’ beginning with its namesake tune that sets a haunting tone for the EP through its wispy, arpeggiated synths whose layers play off one another. A strong kick indicates this tune was made for the dancefloor. Similarly, “Balance” continues the trek down the rabbit hole with growling synthlines, added drum patterns, and distorted vocals that lend tensity to the finished product. “Broken Memories” serves as the record’s finale, taking on a slightly lower tempo and ethereal tone with twinkling analog notes, soft padding, and sweeping builds.

Relatively new to the international dance sphere, Emiliano Demarco has a promising path ahead. The Buenos Aires native has already been to Mexico to perform alongside Mind Against for their Cercle set, and additionally joined Steyoyoke heavyweight Nick Devon in Amsterdam at Club NL. His work has been signed to numerous reputable labels in the melodic house and techno realm, including Us & Them, Forward, Addicted Music, and Plaisirs Sonores.


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