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MK Unveils Remix Package for ‘2AM (feat. Carla Monroe)’ Remixes


MK has released a remix package for his latest single “2AM (feat. Carla Monroe).” It includes new remixes from Martin Ikin, Tom Garnett and Dillon Nathaniel, as well as previously released takes by Paul Woolford and Endor. Along with the original song, the “2AM” remix package offers a wide range of styles ready for DJ sets worldwide.

Listen to the remixes now here:

With over 30 years in the game and over six hundred million career streams accumulated, MK is one of the most idolized figures from the world of dance music. He is best known for the platinum-selling “Back & Forth” and “17” which has sold more than one million copies in the U.K. alone. “17” was preceded by “Piece of Me” in 2016, another U.K. platinum-selling record to add to MK’s pile of growing accolades.


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