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Break Out Electro-anti-pop Artist Bloody White Releases New Single ’12am’

Santa Barbara native, producer, singer, songwriter and beat maker bloody white delivers with an undeniably imbued swagger on his new electro-anti-pop single “12AM.” He continues to bring fans autobiographical snapshots of his life through his unconventional pop sound and brutally honest, stylistic songwriting. In “12AM,” the 20 year old layers organic foley with a vibey chord progression before dropping into an infectious hook that makes a convincing case for a “12AM” rendezvous.

“12AM” takes a deeper glimpse into the young artist’s prowess as a producer, singer, songwriter and beat maker as he continues to carve his own path as a break out genre bending artist. Rooted in anti-pop, electronic and neo-soul, the single manifests itself through honest lyrics and his home made beats, giving listeners a personal connection to the mystery behind bloody white.

All the music you’ve heard thus far from bloody white’s debut EP you’d walk right over me was created during his formative years, and this new single reflects nicely on where he’s taking his sound stylistically, serving as a more upbeat intro to the full body of his work. He continues to find writing music as a means of catharsis as well as challenging listeners who aren’t accustomed to so much genre blending, as both new and old fans continue along the ride of the unprecedented twists and turns that make his sound so unique.

As the year comes to an end, we take time to reflect on the lessons we’ve learned, as well as acknowledge the mistakes and missteps that occurred along the way. With this in mind, the release of “12AM” sets the tone for bloody white’s forthcoming EP, appropriately titled some reflections, giving us an even deeper look into the mysterious persona of bloody white. some reflections will be released December 2nd.


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