Jojo Angel & Rich Pinder Release ‘You Know’ with Don Rimini + CDC Remixes on KENJA RECORDS

Jojo Angel & Rich Pinder are no strangers to the scene with releases on the world’s best underground labels between them. They debut on Kenja with the mighty ‘You Know’. A rock-solid groove builds with atmospherics into a peak time monster. Twisting and turning ‘You Know’ is a dark, energetic beast that creates a real moment on the floor.

Don Rimini adds a little more swing into his remix, dropping it with a hefty groove and total feeling. CDC (UK) brings a more rolling flow to proceedings, their rolling baseline and loopy percussion add another equally useful option to the package.

Tried and tested this is another on point release from Kenja that should stay on your USB for a while to come.

Rich Pinder

Jojo Angel