PREMIERE: WOOLSI Drops Remix for Jaws ‘Biggah Teeth’

Upcoming Detroit pop artist WOOLSI is back at it again releasing another huge track. The remix is a melodic take on the original single from Jaws ‘Biggah Teeth’.  The remix takes you on a musical journey of great production, amazing vocals and more. The release has all the signs of being a huge end of year track, as it has the power to make any dance floor move. Make sure you follow WOOLSI below to stay updated on news, events and releases.

With her drive to not only take over the world, but also make it a better place along the way, Woolsi ison her way to global pop domination. Formerly The Damsl, Woolsi has earned her place in the industry through incarnations. Originally a Ford model and actress – starring opposite Anthony Hopkins and several other notables – music is where she has always truly been, and her self-described reason for being alive, DzI don’t music to live, I live to musicdz. Woolsi was originally scouted by Wendy Starland (who discovered Lady Gaga), and before branching out on her own, was signed to MoGold Records, the personal label of Motti Shulman, the Vice President of radio promotions and Marketing Executive at Atlantic Records. For good measure, she was also part of a girl group through Epic in NYC, though she has since relocated to LA. Woolsi is making waves with the big industry sharks. Shulman believed in her so much that within 24 hours of hearing her first record, he signed her to a deal. There’s a reason why people are jumping on board in droves – the music. Her latest single, produced by Scott Thomas Robinson (Demi Levato, Bebe Rexha, Fall Out Boy and LP), has garnered so much attention, she kept busy- even during the holidays. Upon hearing her upcoming single, Randy Jackson requested a sit down with her over Thanksgiving weekend. The idea of changing her name (fromThe Damsl to Woolsi) was born in this meeting. He connected the name The Damsl with being a victim – think damsel in distress – but saw a disconnect with the person he met, not being victim-like.. at all. Her new single is, after all, entitled, “Jaws- Biggah Teeth”. Described as a mesh of powerful lyrics combined with progressive beats, hooks, and undeniable swagger, you need only listen to beconvinced of Woolsi’s prowess. But the driving force behind her music career is bigger than music itself. Her textured vocals, produced by Big Chris Flores (Fergie, Slash), are important to her for more than just the songs – Woolsi always wanted a voice through music because she felt a singer’s power could grow larger than a politician’s.DzFans listen to your voice because they trust you –it’s your job to deliver the truth in cool, creative ways… and it’s a whole lot easier to listen to some dark truths coming from someone who speaks you language.dzWoolsi’s vision for the future is not just of personal success, but ofbeing a catalyst for change in the bigger causes that she believes in. DzI think this country has a long way to go in many areas to ensure that we are all equal. And it meeds to As she sings in her next release, she Dzgot biggah teethdz, and she’s got the guts to back it up. Building on what she’s learned along the way, Woolsi is on the precipice of releasing her biggest and best offering to date – JAWS. This song is all about being bigger, badder, and bolder than theother sharks in your arena. Drawn from years of experience, supported by her DzLA blooddz, and fuelled with a strong message, this release is going to explode –we can’t wait to see what happens next.