DADA LIFE Releases New Single ‘We Want Your Soul’ + Album & Tour in 2018

DADA LIFE–the acclaimed Swedish headlining DJ duo of Olof Cornéer and Stefan Engblom known for their extravagant live experiences, renowned music in the dance community and production plug-ins used by everyone and their granny in the EDM landscape–are back with new single “We Want Your Soul.” Click here to check out the new song–out today (12/1) on So Much Dada/UMG–via preferred platform. “We Want Your Soul” is the first new music released from DADA LIFE this year as the duo returns with the unapologetic, hard-edged production Olof and Stefan are known for.

“‘We Want Your Soul’ is all about taking control,” says Stefan. “Us taking control of you, that is. You need to follow us down our rabbit hole. We can’t tell you what’s going to happen, but we can promise it will be fun. But then we need to take your soul first!”

2018 will be a massive year for DADA LIFE as they prepare to release a new studio album of original material in the spring (all album details TBA). The new disc will mark their first full-length album release since 2012’s acclaimed The Rules of Dada which hit the Top 5 in both Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Albums chart and Heatseekers Albums chart in the U.S and gave us Platinum selling hits like “Feed The Dada” and “Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker.”

“We haven’t released that much music lately so it feels really good to be able to finally tell people that a new Dada Life album is coming!” says Olof. “This is our first single from the album and we’re really happy with it. It’s dark and happy all at the same time. We’ve played it live and it almost tore a hole in the floor when the drop explodes!”

DADA LIFE will also hit the road on a world tour–with Stefan at the helm of the live shows–following the announcement that Olof will no longer tour to uphold his health and well-being. That press release can be read here. More information on the world tour will be announced in the coming months. On Saturday, December 2 DADA LIFE are confirmed to headline at the gaming event Dreamhack Winter, the world’s largest digital festival, in Sweden. More info on Dreamhack Winter can be found here.

Earlier this year, DADA LIFE broke new ground, again, as they unveiled DADA LIFE CHAMPAGNE, making the duo the first musical act to release a champagne in their namesake. The announcement was made exclusively with and details the bubbly beverage that’s personally crafted by Cornéer and  Engblom and importedfrom Champagne, France, Steve Baltin of raved, “Dada Life Champagne is the best not only for taste, but for spraying people.” (June 28, 2017). Read more about DADA LIFE CHAMPAGNE here.