Andrew Applepie & Bjurman’s Release New Single ‘Walts of Despair’

Following their recent collaboration ‘Drowning World’ which received 1.7 million views on Youtube channel Mr Suicide Sheep, as well as additional support from tastemaker publications such as Konbini, Earmilk, C-Heads, Paste Mag among others. Berlin-based producer Andrew Applepie and Swedish vocalist Bjurman are back yet again with their latest collaborative victory ‘Waltz of Despair’. With the original track and vocals supplied by Sandra Bjurman, a collaborative version was then created by Andrew Applepie, capturing their individual energies and emotions like never before and blending it together into a thought-provoking piece of art.

Andrew Applepie loves producing music, creating songs with everything he gets his hands on. He uses all kinds of instruments, ranging from familiar choices like guitar and drum machines to exotic contraptions he picked up while traveling, to all the stuff you would find in a kitchen. His very unique style transpires his charm, wit and happy nature, bringing an organic sound and laid back timing to electronic music. New York filmmaker Casey Neistat and many others are playing his tunes in their videos and millions of people around the world are listening. Andrew Applepie is one of the most aspiring and upcoming German electronic artists.

For Sandra Bjurman, nothing compares to the feeling of a freshly hatched song idea. Her vivid imagination has her accumulate bits and parts of melodies and words, processing her experiences and surroundings, giving live to emotionally powerful pieces of music through her writing and captivating voice. Bjurman’s music feels like watching a short film that has multiple layers of stories, ranging from subtle undertones to strong statements. She says she’s not a singer, but that she once was, and that it took years for her to reprogram to let the raw emotions rule, no matter what, and regardless of the outcome. In 2011 she wrote the winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Andrew was first introduced to Bjurman when she was looking for a remix of her song ‘Drowning World’ which originally was released in September 2016. The remix turned out to be so special and different they both decided to work on more music together. At this point, Bjurman had 5 songs for an upcoming EP written and was just starting on production. Thats where the idea was born to create an “Applepie Version” for each song and release each song together in a parallel manner. Two completely different worlds; the experienced, dark, charismatic Swedish songstress on one side, then the young, happy, organic and digitally inclined producer on the other. Berlin-based artist Kimiya Justus has also provided harmonious and vibrant artwork for their collaborations.

Drawing influence from modern electronic artists such as Caribou and Baths, as well as classic beatmakers like RJD2 and bands such as Gorillaz, Applepie also takes influence from alternative/independent artists like Sigur Rós and Deerhunter.

On the pair’s latest collaboration, Andrew Applepie had this to say: “I just wanted to add to Sandra’s theme of changes in life by emphasizing the beauty and melancholy that comes with them. When you step a way for a second and reminisce about how life is moving on and you let go of some things and gain some new perspectives and you’re happy and a little sad at the same time.”

Sandra Bjurman: “Waltz of despair mirrors the end of an era in life. The struggle to move on as the past is yet present. The line “Let go of my hands” is a metaphor for any kind of release after an imprisonment. Also I love the scenery, a waltz of despair through the ashes and flames in a burning room, it’s so bittersweet and beautiful somehow.”

Andrew Applepie: