Wacky Voz – Comrade & banginclude

“…with the song’s baile funk foundation, a tremendous DJ weapon is the result.”

“Sounds of North and South America coming together to create music that is guaranteed to make you jump.”

“Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Banginclude has been the go-to guy for all things Zouk Bass — a bizarre mix between trap music and jungle-like moombahton that leaves listeners with no choice but to twerk their ass off in the best way possible.”
-Run The Trap

New York-based producer, DJ, and visual artist Banginclude, has been a staple of NYC night life thanks to his infamous signature sound he calls “Global Booty Bass.” An infusion of world sounds ranging from zouk bass to jersey club, Banginclude’s adrenaline rush tunes have landed him gigs worldwide from Montreal to Mexico. His sound has also caught the ear of tastemakers around the planet that have lead to releases with Branko’s Lisbon label Enchufada, legendary Latin label Fania RecordsMan RecordingsLatino Resiste, and Generation Bass. In addition, BangInclude has also shared the stage with renowned artists including  Schlachthofbronx, Uproot Andy, Cut Chemist, Zuzuka Poderosa, DJ Comrade, Zee Reach, Omulu, and Happy Colors.
Picking up influences throughout his travels, BangInclude has compiled his next body of world-shaking work on a team up with global dance producer Comrade on an upcoming EP titled ‘To The Floor.’ Comrade, a veteran in the scene clocking in 16+ years on the DJ circuit, is the mastermind behind Xão Productions, credited with the creation of the “Favela Trap” sub-genre, and noted as the first to introduce Rasteirinha to dancefloors outside of Brazil. Besides sharing stages with the likes of Diplo, Daniel HaaksmanMunchi, and more, his collaborations with Rio De Janiero’s Omulu have received heavy rotation on the mainstream electronic music stage thanks to play outs by Jack U, Major Lazer, Tropkillaz, and more.
Debuting the first cut from “To The Floor,” lead single “Wacky Voz,” fans of the duo will find a familiar two-step ready club hit that will find a home in a number of settings thanks to its fusion of Baltimore club and Brazilian style baile funk. Still to come from the ‘To The Floor’ EP, hear Banginclude and Comrade dig deep into the world of baile club, jersey club, and funk on six globally-tinged tracks that also features remixes of viral rhyme spitter MC Bin Laden as well as a remix of MC Marcinho. Pick up To The Floor out March 14th.