VXL Releases New Chill Electro Track ‘Cæruleum’

The boldness of pop music combined with the synthetic sounds of electronic music and samples from African music is what VXL’s upcoming EP is all about. VXL has admitted influence of DFA records – New York’s massive music-tinkering enthusiasts – and this splendid mélange is what optimistic nostalgia sounds like when recorded. A chilled and laid-back EP that stands apart from today’s fancy for happy house.

Song titles on VXL’s first EP all match color names and codes : subtle tints and hues that could get you one step closer to experiencing chromesthesia! The EP also comes with a series of visually mesmerizing music videos that combine vaprowave-like visuals with fuzzy images : a Dreamland Michelin Map taking you through fruit-filled tropical rainforests, to pygmy villages through to the Great Plains or down the streets of Bamako.