Vicetone Releases Bootleg Remix of The Prodigy ‘Omen’

“The Prodigy were a big part of our childhood and musical upbringing when we were younger. Omen was a special track for us – we always loved the raw energy it had. Our goal was to remix the track so that we could play it in all of our live sets and still keep the original vibe and energy. And since we have started playing it out live, the amount of requests for us to release the track have gone through the roof. This is our tribute to the original song that we love and we’re excited to finally release it!” – Vicetone

Known for their numerous hits under mega labels such as Spinnin’ Records and Monstercat, it’s easy to say that Vicetone have managed to keep a relatively high profile. At last count, the duo (consisting of Ruben Den Boer and Victor Pool) boasted over 300 million streams, among them original songs like “Nevada” and “Collide.” Starting in 2013, just a year after forming, Vicetone made DJ Mag’s Top 100 three years in a row, reaching as high as #36. To date the duo has earned five Hype Machine chart-toppers and five consecutive hits on Beatport’s Top 10, including a #1 with “Let Me Feel” with Nicky Romero, plus “I’m On Fire,” “United We Dance” and “Pitch Black”. “United We Dance” dominated 2014’s festival circuit, becoming the official song for Ultra Music’s Aftermovie. The very next year, the renowned festival made “Follow Me” its official anthem.

In 2016 Vicetone released ‘Nevada’ featuring Cozi Zuehlsdorff. It has proven to be one of the duo’s biggest tracks with over 50,000,000 combined streams/plays. In 2017 Vicetone dropped a summertime anthem, “I Hear You” out on Monstercat, an upbeat house track complete with pop elements. Victor and Ruben kicked off 2018 with ‘Fix You’ via Spinnin’ Records, and March 2018 sees Vicetone once again collaborating with Zuehlsdorff on “Way Back, coming via Monstercat.