Marco Effe Releases New ‘Uneven Light’ EP via Break New Soil

We are thrilled to welcome back one of our core artists, who has already graced our beloved little label wih so many great productions: From „For Me“ over „Slicked & Sliced“ to „Malaysia/Muar“, Marco Effe was part of the family from the very beginning. Now, he returns to Break New Soil with his fourth solo EP – and boy, did he deliver again!
His „Detection EP“ boasts 4 masterfully produced Techno tracks, in which he showcases his creative genius and his artistic development. We couldn´t be happier to say: Welcome back home, Marco!

A1: Marco Effe – Detection
A2: Marco Effe – Uneven Light
B1: Marco Effe – Ordinary State
B2: Marco Effe – Metric Tensor