AFSHEEN & REBECCA FERGUSON Releases Lyric Video for Single ‘UNCRAZY’

Uncrazy by AFSHeeN & Rebecca Ferguson & AFSHeeN & Rebecca Ferguson on VEVO.

Following the successful release of the soulful ‘Uncrazy’, electronic musician AFSHeeN and globally renowned singer-songwriter Rebecca Ferguson breathe life into the collaborative release through a stunning lyric video.

Ferguson’s lyrics receive full emphasis and meaning in the lyric video, putting a visual interpretation to the impactful singer-songwriters’ words. Her exploration into electronic music with AFSHeeN makes its mark and showcases both artists natural talent in a diverse range of sounds.

The sentiment of urban love and soul searching is explored through artistic scenes, setting and the written word. Ferguson’s vocals are brought to life in the eye catching visual accompaniment to the late 2017 release.

The video’s sombre imagery plays ode to the melancholy of conflicted feelings and internal reflection. AFSHeeN’s masterful dance-pop production ties together Rebecca’s lyrics and properly emphasize the meaning of lost love though the romantic urban short film.

Both AFSHeeN and Rebecca Ferguson have prepared tirelessly for continued success in 2018, with a schedule of releases in the near future for AFSHeeN and an upcoming February tour for Rebecca Ferguson.

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