UMEK Releases Certain Trace EP via Tronic

PRE-ORDER HERE  //Digital Release: 19/02/2018

Tronic, considered one of the most loved and best-selling techno label of the last decade run by Christian Smith, enters a new year and continues to bring the biggest and best names to its ever expanding roster, as well as shedding light on some of the newest faces emerging in the ever changing music industry of today.

With over 250 releases, it has a truly massive catalog of names, one of those is Slovenian producer UMEK with his last EP in 2017. Considered the kick starter of the electronic music scene in Slovenia, he has a long list of impressive accolades over his 20 years as a producer and DJ.

This February he delivers a somewhat a killer 2 track EP ‘Certain Trace’ – the title track has a mind melting hook combination, driving listeners into the depths of the mix. It grows in complexity as the track progresses with a catchy elevating style rhythm.

Some serious no nonsense techno comes in the form of ‘Déjà vu’. It has a thundering kick, haunting synth stabs and a piercing percussive fusion. It has a warped synthetic stab which punches throughout the track and gives some serious authority.

UMEK – Certain Trace
UMEK – Deja Vu