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Lubelski Releases Collaborative Single with Durante off ‘Universal Groove’ Album

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Raver, electrical engineer, and modular wunderkind Lubelski has today released ‘What Would I Do To Teleport To You’, a collaboration with fellow Los Angeles producer Durante and the third single off the forthcoming ‘Universal Groove’ album on the Percomaniacs imprint. The track continues the unveiling of a new chapter for Lubelski, one marked by a deeper understanding of sonic exploration far beyond his years.

‘What Would I Do To Teleport To You’ puts forth the truest peak-time installment of ‘Universal Groove’ so far, a driving illustration of what a packed dance floor looks and feels like to two young legends on the verge. Ripe with analogue patch work, leading vocal play, and signature Perco power drums, its the future classic banger we need but may not deserve.

Spawned from years locked away in dimly lit studios with his best friends, ‘Universal Groove’ represents a sense of dancefloor unification and the rhythmic love of underground scenes past and present. It’s a feeling, a coming together under one roof to celebrate, escape, and learn from those that paved the way for our global community of dancers. This is for the love of it all.

In Lubelski’s own words, “The Universal Groove, to me, is about love. The beat is indifferent to you so we have to care about each other. We all come together under this roof of rhythms to lift each other up and find an escape from the mundanity of daily life. This album culminates in love and all its shades and colors, whether it’s about falling in love, having love for each other, or showing self love. We are all unified by the universal groove of house music.”

This love swept mantra is fitting for a producer who has seen such deep support from a wide group of collectives and artists around the world. The last few years have seen Lubelski championed by the likes of Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird, Audiojack’s Gruuv, the Desert Hearts Crew, and many others – all of whom revere him as a member of the next generation of tech-minded, studio devotees.

The album has found its rightful home on the Percomaniacs imprint, co-founded by Lubelski and Rybo, and home to a global network of peers in search of stranger tones of house music. Alongside Wyatt Marshall, Rybo and Lubelski have taken the Perco ‘bongos not bangers’ ethos on the road, touching down at premiere venues in Miami, Los Angeles, Denver, Portland, and taking over stages at festivals like Dirtybird Campout and Camp Elsewhere.

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