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Chicago’s John Summit Releases New EP ‘Trompetas’ Via Psycho Disco!


Chicago’s John Summit has drummed up a palpable buzz around his most recent releases on Toolroom, Audiophile XXL, Perfect Driver that channel the energy of classic house and combines it with contemporary influences. Today, Summit is returning to his Atlanta-based family over at Psycho Disco! with a brand new EP titled ‘Trompetas.’

Following his Psycho Disco! debut, ‘Touch Me-‘ a dance floor champion for the Acid and Tech-House genres, ‘Trompetas’ encourages us to “expand your mind” on the two-track project. Opening with late-night cut “Elevate,” we see Summit again revisit the darker corners of the tech-house spectrum with the mesmerizing single that runs nearly six-minutes long. On title track, “Trompetas,” Summit takes a more upbeat energy thanks to the single’s roving bassline that gives the track an almost too-classic-to-be-current feel. Most notably on “Trompetas,” Summit incorporates attention commanding horn melodies that award the production with a massive, all-encompassing sound.


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