Toyko Drops New Single ‘you do.’

Put your hands together for Toyko and this sun-dappled indietronica with vocals that idle on the emotional and emphatic. A HypeMachine fave, this tune is a “love-song-with-conflict” – it’s dramatic and slow-burning and so good! Explaining the track, they explain – “The crux of “you do.” revolves around the “don’t say you love me, I know you do” line. Thematically I wanted to touch on the bittersweet nature of being with someone you love but don’t get to see often. I had gotten the idea for the chorus lyrics one night when I had texted my girlfriend “i love you” before bed. She responded after I was already asleep but the next day said to me, “Just know I love you so much even if I don’t say it”” For fans of Shiny Toy Guns, Win and Woo and Jai Wolf.