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Kygo’s Palm Tree Records Releases Forester’s Second Single ‘Town’


Forester make their return to Palm Tree Records with the release of their nostalgia-inducing indie electronic song, “Towns,” which will make you feel homesick in all the right ways. Rife with intricate melodies, delicate guitar strokes, and emotional vocals, Towns is about the protection and sense of warmth and comfort your hometown community provides. Forester’s lyrics tell the classic story of a couple who grew up in a small “speed trap town” until one of them leaves to chase their dreams in the big city. They describe the effect that being away from home can have on the soul but reassure that home is always there to fall back on.

“Towns is a song about the unique strength of relationships that are forged at a young age and how these bonds seem to transcend time and space. It tells the story of a young couple that grows up together in a small town where life is simple. However, one moves away to chase dreams in a big city, leaving the other behind to figure things out alone. From time to time the two remember the love they shared and secretly wish to have it back. Both of our parents come from small town midwestern backgrounds, so we kept their stories and experiences in mind while writing this” – Forester

Formed in 2019, Forester is a relatively new indie electronic duo to the scene but has already seen a lasting impact on their music. The Los Angeles-based group is comprised of Xander Carlson and David Parris, both of whom write, produce and sing. Their music blends acoustic instrumentation with electronic elements that create a state of warmth for the listener, allowing for inspection and the desire to dance. tried putting their finger on what’s so unique and special about Forester saying, “The duo has found beauty in the collision between synthetic and natural sounds, inspired by their time spent between city and nature settings”

In May 2020, Forester landed a major label deal with Palm Tree Records, a Sony Music joint venture co-founded by Kygo. The rising duo made their debut on the label in June with “We Found Home” featuring Kwesi. The release blends indie and electronic elements, creating an emotionally-charged soundscape with simple, yet powerful, lyrics. It’s about “finding comfort in one’s emotional space,” says Xander Carlson and David Parris of the group. “We Found Home” followed their debut album, Kerosene, which has accumulated over 5 million total streams and is “centered around sensitive, spiritual themes about love, finding passion, and the healing properties of nature” (

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