Thoreau Drops Rework of Drake ‘God’s Plan’

Denver artist Thoreau, is hitting 2018 strong releasing his second track in a matter of weeks. Being no stranger to the scene he consistently receives support from popular outlets such as Trap Nation, Dancing Astronaut, YourEDM and more along with support from the likes of The Chainsmokers. His last 2 releases have hit 300k plays in a month on Spotify and multiple tracks have over 1 million plays on Youtube, along with this Run The Trap named him an ‘Artist To Watch in 2018’.

“…here’s to me and team Thoreau, Holding down Colorado, staying true to 303, I hope one day drake see me , summer dropping my ep, and still…” -Thoreau

After hearing the original of Drake – God’s Plan, Thoreau immediately identified with the song and wanted to turn the track into a high energy electronic song that people could get moving to. With such inspiration he developed the song in a weekend and changed a couple of the words to fit his actual life such as “I only love my cat and my snowboard, I’m sorry”. Up to this year Thoreau has been known for just being an electronic producer, however his upcoming EP is a bit different and is instead a hip-hop focused body of work. With this track he hope that the fans will start to realize his ability as a hip-hop singer and start to think of Thoreau as not just a producer but the whole package.

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