Slopes is out now: nlvr.lnk.to/Slopes

NLV Records is excited to announce the brand new single from Swick, ‘Slopes’ featuring Tkay Maidza and Capo Lee. Following the success of his song ‘Polo Love’ featuring Spank Rock, ‘Slopes’ proves again that Swick is never one for conformity; he will always be a producer that takes risks and pushes boundaries.

Late last year Swick produced the opening track, ‘Always Been’ on Tkay Maidza’s debut album which laid the foundations for some of the rappers best verses yet. Having collaborated with her over a number of years now, as soon as you see their names on a track together you can expect nothing but fire.

On top of that, ‘Slopes’ also see’s Swick link up with one of grime’s most noteworthy, Capo Lee. If you’ve been keeping tabs on London’s grime scene you would already know he’s one to watch. His track ‘Liff’ blew up last year putting him at the top of countless ‘best new grime act’ lists and he’s already worked with D Double E, Sir Spyro and P Money to name a few.

As ‘Slopes’ bubbles to a start, Tkay’s tension building verse lifts the track higher an higher up a conveyor belt of unprecedented sounds. After reaching the climax, Swick releases you down a dip of metallic drums and fizzling synths. Capo Lee jumps on the drop delivering his signature off kilter flow and highlighted lyrics before Tkay picks you up again for another round.

After the first play of ‘Slopes’ it is clear that Swick, Tkay Maidza and Capo Lee have a creative chemistry that was destined to be honoured. They each have such identifiable sounds that bringing elements from each of them together has created a multifaceted ball of fun.