Stööki Sound Interview: UK Influence on EDM
We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with London based duo Stööki Sound (DJ Lukey and Jelacee), to discuss the influence of their UK Sound in todays EDM community. As they push the boundaries within the bass music scene by staying true to their love of UK Grime.

What inspired the name Stooki Sound?
Stööki Sound is an element of Stöök which began in 2011 with its founders coming together with their different skills sets within fashion, art and music. A year later Stööki Sound started as an exploration of the sound of Stööki.

Where are you from?

Which early passions contributed into making Stooki Sound’s unique vibe?
We grew up listening to Grime, Hip-Hop, Dubstep and Garage.

With what elements from UK dance music do you identify with the most when creating your tracks?
The rawness of Grime mixed with the warped vocals found in UK garage and the deep dark tones of UK Bass and Dubstep.

What is so distinct about UK Dance music that makes the states hungry for your sound?
I think it’s different to what people are used to hearing. It’s less commercial and has darker tones and a raw energy.

Which specific roots from the UK and U.S helped broaden your audience?
A mixture of Grime which has its roots in the UK and Trap has it’s roots in the US.

To which UK dance music pioneers do you personally owe EDM becoming a culture?
In one word: What is the London sound?

In order to advance the EDM movement, what is one key thing that you want you supporters to understand about grime?
Grime is all about energy. In the beginning it was more about capturing that energy than producing a really polished technically perfect record. I think that’s what makes it special.

Would you say the future of EDM relies on the mixing of genres and why?
I think progression in music comes from the mixing of genres. For example Grime came from UK garage, drum and bass, dancehall and jungle. That’s just part of the natural progression of music.

Which button do you find pressing the most when it comes to collabs?
I think the best collabs happen when each artist’s stays true to their own sound and both collaborators work together to make them gel. The best collaboration tracks are the ones where you can hear each artists style but combined it makes something dope and new.

What major U.S trap influences fueled your hits?
Early stuff like 36 Mafia

Through what other mediums have you witnessed the UK influence here in the United States?
I’ve noticed streetwear and lifestyle brands such as Palace out here.

In what ways do you see the UK dance music influence spreading internationally?
The UK has a long history of inventing genres that then spread internationally. It has happened for years and I see it continuing to do so.

If you had to pick one original genre from the UK that helped the states EDM prosper, which would it be and why?
Grime. It’s starting to happen but hopefully it will spread more over here. We are trying to do our part to make it happen!

What do you most want to communicate to your audience through Stooki Sound?
We want to spread the word about the Stooki Movement and encourage people to join it. In terms of live shows, we want people to come out and have a good time, enjoy themselves and get involved. It’s all about positive energy!

Which UK musical elements do you believe will help EDM transcend the ages?
I think the fact a lot of UK musical elements start underground means they are forward thinking.

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