Steve Void – Never Been Better

Following the success of his sensational single ‘Chemistry’, Dutch DJ/producer Steve Void is back with another masterful cut, ‘Never Been Better’ – out now via Epic Amsterdam [Sony Music].

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“Never been Better is about shaping up and getting ready to show the world who I am and what I am made of. Outside of that feeling, it is about showing that I have never felt more confident and ready to start all of this with everything I have learned over the last few months… both in private and work wise. It has been a roller coaster from when i hopped on the US tour till now and this is just the perfect song to describe my personal and work feelings all in one song.”

Opening with the track’s majestic vocal piece and simple piano chords, ‘Never Been Better’ eases listeners into the mix. Incorporating gentle percussion and a laid-back beat, the song is gradually built up over its 3-minute duration, leading to a mesmerizing electronic drop. Combining pitched-up vocal samples and euphoric synths, this emotive creation will no doubt catch the attention of dance music fans all over the globe, further cementing Steve’s position as a serious and intriguing electronic dance music producer.

Starting off his musical career at the young age of 15, Stef van Vugt devoted his life to his passion for dance music. Steve gained support and recognition for an array of notable remixes, including his rendition of The Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face’, which amassed over 7 million plays on SoundCloud within the first couple of months of its upload. Continuing on a non-stop roll, he released remixes of ‘Shades Of Grey’, ‘Beat The Sunrise’ and original tracks ‘Stronger’ and ‘Burnin’’ with Alex Adair, all racking up millions of plays each, totaling over 20 million plays on SoundCloud alone. With the astounding success of ‘Chemistry’ in summer 2016, Steve toured alongside Matoma, Cheat Codes and Steve James on their ‘Party At Your Place’ US Tour. Adding a brand new weapon to his already impressive back catalogue, Steve is kicking 2017 on an all time high with ‘Never Been Better’.

It is gonna be amazing! Going to do some headline shows in Europe and tour with my guide and big brother Matoma again. I love being on the road more than anything else since the rush and everything that comes with it is just an addiction. Will be doing a show almost everyday for 5/6 weeks in a row again and I could not be any happier that I am actually doing this. Meeting up with fans and seeing almost every country in Europe as well will be a blast!!