News: Splice Partners with Future Audio Worksh0p to Release Circle2

Circle2 Available on Splice HERE

Splice, the music creation and collaboration platform, has partnered with Berlin-based Future Audio Workshopto release the company’s flagship software synthesizer Circle2 through Splice’s innovative “rent-to-own” model. Now, musicians can purchase Circle2 by paying $7.99 per month until they have paid the full price of the product.

Musicians who purchase Circle2 through Splice Rent-to-Own will enjoy brand new, updated version of the synth — Circle 2.1 — as well as a preset bank created exclusively for Splice.

The result of a partnership between programmers, mathematicians, audio professionals, and visual designers, Circle made waves upon its initial launch in 2008 for its groundbreaking user interface, which foregoes the industry’s typical skeuomorphic approach to digital design. Instead, Circle’s intuitive interface reimagines how modular synthesis can look and work in the digital world with a very visual — and colorful — approach to sound design. The synth features four oscillator slots, two envelopes, two LFOs and noise and feedback generators. It also features Vector Phase Shaping, a type of synthesis available exclusively on the synth.

Splice’s Rent-to-Own is a modern and affordable distribution model for music software. Through Rent-to-Own, musicians get instant access to a plugin, then pay it off over time in small monthly installments with no interest. Users can pause, cancel, or resume their plans at any time. All Rent-to-Own plans start with a three day free trial, allowing musicians to explore new creative tools without any risk, commitment or investment. The model combats piracy while empowering musicians with affordable access to professional tools. In the past two years, Splice has launched iZotope’s Ozone 8 and Neutron 2 as well as Xfer Records’ Serum through Rent-to-Own.

The partnership was natural for two companies that are committed to bringing modern workflows to modern musicians.

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About Future Audio Workshop
Future Audio Workshop is a music technology company with offices in Berlin, Germany and Los Angeles, USA. The team of passionate audiophiles at FAW focus on the creation of boutique software that shapes the future of music.