The newly minted high-school graduate Sophie Francis can now add hit-maker to her resume after releasing several top-charting singles and by the looks of it, ‘Lovedrunk’ is positioned on a similar trajectory. The single, which was shrouded under an anonymous ‘ID’ until last week, has been buzzed about across the internet with fans begging to know who had written it. The single was included last week on the DMC Buzz Chart, coming in at #17 and was the #1 Most Talked About ‘ID’ on the 1001 Tracklist Chart.

‘Lovedrunk’ is the story of a girl who is deeply in love but her mother does not approve, a story many will relate to. The vocals are of such depth and emotion that they seem to channel the soulful perfection of Janis Joplin, but with a style and energy of its own. Newcomer Sophia Ayana is the voice behind ‘Lovedrunk’, and it’s her powerful command of her gift that breathes such magic into the song. Her Dutch-Ethiopian heritage is brought to bear as well, fusing cadence and melody from two very unique perspectives.

Dutch DJ and producer Sophie Francis now joins the ranks of her DJ peers, taking to the touring circuit now that her studies have finished. Coming up, she’ll play two sets at festival titan Tomorrowland and is heading to the US this June for production work and club dates. She’ll continue her festival dominance with apperances at mega-festival Parookaville in Germany, and the Storm Festivals in China. Going through 2017 Sophie will widen her reach with full-blown global tours across Europe, Asia, South Africa, South America and finally close the year down in North America like only she can!

But first Sophie Francis releases her new single ‘Lovedrunk’, which is out now on Spinnin’ Records.

“The kick of energy that you feel being ‘Lovedrunk’ is one of the best moments in life J.” -Sophie Francis