PREMIERE: SOPHIE FAY Releases Animated Visualizer for Single ‘REBORN’

Sophie Faye returns with a surrealistic animated music video for her newly released single, ‘Reborn’. The animation is clearly inspired by early 3D computer graphics and iconic animated productions like ‘The Mind’s Eye’. It features vaporwave parallel iconography and color schemes, resulting in an entirely modern and stunning visual product. The video is singled around this “house” that is constantly changing, falling apart and piecing itself back together, yet holds its composure; its purpose. Her influences are worn on her sleeve and clearly illustrated in this praiseworthy animated video.

‘Reborn’ was premiered by Pop Dust on March 16th, and the music video is projected for release on the 23rd.

“The house in the animation for “Reborn” is an extended metaphor for my “glitter” state of mind. Different rooms that you get to enter are my feelings; so it is a pure representation of myself. AsSophie Fay, I feel like the story is inverted: it starts with the house and everything else falling apart in pieces to something constant and defined. The cherub represents my rebirth as an artist. I figured out that nobody is totally perfect, so those unearthly beings inspire self-improvement and motivation. PS WARNING! Don’t watch this video if you’re vegan!”

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