SOMN3um Exclusive Interview + New Single ‘Talk Love’

Somn3um steps things up with their new single ‘Talk Love’ due for release 29th September. The duo are busy and inherinant in world domination with a weekly radio show podcast and their residency at Dubai’s Zero Gravity and London, The Gallery.

Welcome to EDM Boutique – how’s the year treating you so far?

Somn3um (David) – Utter sh*t, nah not really, it’s been pretty good apart from I’ve been eating and drinking too much and discovered I’ve put on 6kg in 4 months today so just about to embark on a major diet before Xmas hits. OMG, I sound like a women, and evidently have breast like one now as well.

What was the first piece of music you heard today?

Somn3um (David) – Does the A-team theme tune count as music, if so it was that.

Tell us about your new single ‘Talk Love’?

Somn3um (David) – We actually made it nearly two years ago and wanted to make something more for radio rather than the club (although we have also done a club mix for… eeer…. Well… clubs) and we thought we go a bit more soulful after hearing Tommy’s vocals. We also spent a bit of time getting actual instruments recorded to give it a more natural feel rather than it being purely an electronic track.

How did you end up collaborating with Tommy Parker?

Somn3um (David) – We’ve previously worked with Mickey Shiloh on our last single ‘Insane’ and just asked her if she knew anybody who is a good male vocalist… and she recommended Tommy Parker… and it turned out he was! He’s toured with Janet Jackson amongst others so he was quite the find, or recommendation even.

Can you tell us about your musical history?

Somn3um (David) – Scott is the geek of the two of us, he’s been making dance music since he was about 13 and released on every label from Armada to Toolroom. I used to make trance “back in the day” and we decided to work together nearly 2 years ago as Somn3um.

What did you listen to growing up and do you remember when you first started becoming inspired by electronic music?

Somn3um (David) – I used to listen to Paul Oakenfold, Judge Jules, Danny Rampling in the mid to later 90’s and was into the Trance scene back then, since then my tastes have mellowed, my prefered bpm has come lower as my age has got higher. Scott on the other hand is only about 12 so he got inspired by the Teletubbies and Pepper Pig. ☺

Whereabouts are you based and what do you make of the electronic dance music scene there right now?

Somn3um (David) – We’re both based in Dubai. The music scene is ok here, as in there are lots of parties, lots of clubs, lots of open air venues with girls wearing not very much which is always great but there is no dance music culture as such. Clubs are all based in 5 star hotels or in big resorts and these institutions are hardly the bastion of an underground club culture. We have some great parties here but they are bought in parties with tables and VIP areas. It’s very Las Vegas rather than Ibiza 1990. Still fun, but take it for what it is and expect to hear more David Guetta than Sven Vath.

Was there one total rave, DJ or general moment that made you realise dance music was something you wanted to take seriously?

Somn3um (David) – In a word, it was Turnmills, I lived at that place from when I was about 17 to when it closed in 2008, it was such a shining example of music unifying people but I’ve never wanted to take dance music seriously… It’s meant to be fun, idiotic and utterly escapist… not serious… Anybody that takes dance music seriously is a moron and deserves a terrible bought of lock jaw the next time they bosh a dooby and is not getting the point of it. I mean let’s face it, we make music, play other people’s records and get smashed at work, while people much smarties and dance in dark rooms jumping around with flashing lights in the background, it’s like the Teletubbies on steroids…. It’s not exactly saving a kids life or land mine clearance is it? It’s a complete f*cking joke and quite frankly it shouldn’t be. You go to work to be serious, you go clubbing to have fun and I happen to work in that chaos. I take it less seriously every single day and quite rightly so.

You produce music, remix, DJ and present a weekly radio show called ‘Somn’thing Else’. What do you enjoy doing the most?

Somn3um (David) – To be honest it’s the DJing, I’m a clubber at heart so love hearing music on a big system, seeing how the music unifies people and brings people together, its such a magical feeling to be a part of that. I’m not as into producing as Scott the other half of Somn3um is (or as good at it as him) so he might say producing. I also enjoy the radio show because I’ve been a radio presenter for years and presented commercial shows where as Scott isn’t as comfortable behind the mic. Our show is a little bit different in dance music as we present it like a commercial show with features, interviews and it’s actually presented rather than a mix like most DJ’s do.

Who are your current favourite artists?

Somn3um (David) – Really liking Tuff London at the moment, also all the guys we’ve signed on our label, Somn’thing Records such as Deep Matter, Hollaphonic, Maff Boothroyd, Damon Hess, Game Chasers & D.O.N.S., We wouldn’t have signed them if we didn’t like them. Haha.

Finally, what kind of wisdom would you impart to a budding dj or artist wanting to get into dance music scene?

Somn3um (David) – Just enjoy it!! I’m a firm believer that if you love what you do you’ll be good at it. Plus dance music is such an intangible thing that it can take ages to get any traction. Learn and stick at it, you’ll get there eventually, it very very rarely happens overnight. Dance music has matured and its like any career, it takes time to work your way up the ladder.

Somn3um’s ‘Somn’thing Else’. The show features a weekly dose of the freshest electronic music on the planet, plus all the banter you could want. The format Includes interviews with DJs and celebs. The show is available on iTunes here: // Somn3um feat Tommy Parker ‘Talk Love’ is out on 29th September on Somn’thing Records.