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EDMBoutique Interview w/ South London DJ & Producer Skepsis

Where did the name Skepsis originate from? 
Yes so everyone always asked me this but it’s quite disappointing so I don’t really have an answer. A lot of people cycle through many aliases in their time producing, but I’ve always just stuck with this one. I think I must have picked it when I was about 14 or 15. I’ve been producing for nearly ten years now, and it just stuck and I never changed it. I mean if we change it now it’s probably a little bit late but yeah just always had it. But then I did find a means the Greek god of thought. So I guess there is some kind of meaningful thing to it.


How long have you been producing / DJing?
Yeah as I just mentioned I’ve been producing DJing & producing both for about nine years now. I started in school when I was about 14, 15yrs old. Both side by side actually I started producing in music class and a guy came in school to give deejaying lessons basically and, that’s where I started. From there bought my own equipment, started doing kids parties and when I was old enough going into the clubs and then yeah the production kicks off from there really.

Being such a young artist at 22, do you feel like your age provides any advantages or disadvantages?
Well I am actually 23 now it was my birthday on Tuesday, 2nd of October. I don’t know I really like obviously I’m fairly young compared to a lot of people but I have as I said I have been doing this for nearly ten years now. So I feel like although I have got a lot to learn still, I feel like I’m not really at much disadvantage. I mean obviously advantages I’ve got time on my side but then it’s not an age restrictive thing really I mean you can be 50 years old and smashing and bangers and there is nothing really stopping you. Disadvantages maybe certain people will look down on you but I love proving people wrong, so that’s okay with me.


What is you favorite track on ‘Check This Out’ & why? What were some of your inspirations for the EP?
Probably the ‘Check This’ or ‘Lock off’. Check this because I got to work on one of my favorite MC, P Money which was really cool for me because as I said he’s been one of my favorites for years. Like I love him as an MC like, I think he’s sick. So yeah it was quite surreal when he sent the verses through it was really easy to work with him. And ‘Lock Off’ because I teamed up with FineArt and I’m really happy with how that one came out. It does a lot of damage in the clubs. Inspirations for the EP, obviously working with those two was inspiring in different ways. But yeah just obviously it was my debut EP and I just kind of wanted to showcase my sound and I think each track is different in its own way and has its own purpose.


With the industry be so oversaturated, do you feel like its hard too maintain an original sound?
Yeah I mean it’s no secret that the industry or the scene is becoming quite oversaturated as it has been for a while now, and this is not necessarily a bad thing as it is due to the popularity of the sound currently. I would say it’s harder for a new artist to maintain an original sound because I do hear a lot of stuff that I don’t think is original but then if you just sort of sticks your stick to your guns there is definitely a lot of individual stuff around at the moment. I think people will often take inspirational copy from others that they see doing well because tried and tested route. But obviously with the sheer amount of artists around, there’s obviously less room to stand out. But I do believe that I have my own original sound, so just stick to it and hard work does pay off.


What has been the best moment thus far from your first US Tour?
Best moment so far I would probably say is crowdsurfing in a giant inflatable shark head with Holy Goof in WashingtonD.C., that was very very fun. We basically did it for Jauz & Holy Goof collaboration and the crowd actually managed to return us all the way back without dropping us which is really impressive. But no aside from that there’s been loads of sick shows like too many to name and I’m basically it is very surreal. But yeah I’m loving it so, I’m very happy with how it’s going so far.


What are some of the differences you have noticed between UK & US shows?
Differences between UK and US. To be honest there’s less differences than I thought there would be. Both crowds have loads of energy. Obviously with the American crowds they often wear more merch and sort of dress up more for the occasion. But no I mean both both are very sick in their own way.


What is the most obnoxious thing on your rider?
To be honest my rider is quite low key. I do have a scratch card and some cigarettes on there which is my bad habit but I don’t really ask for anything ridiculous to be honest and never really want to make the wrong impression on a promoter especially if they’ve taken the time, effort and money to book you. But I’ve obviously seen some crazy stuff on other peoples. Maybe one day, I’m joking.

What other artist are you currently listening to?
I’m currently listening to. To be honest I don’t actually listen to much bass music outside of the clubs just because of the sheer amount I listen to in the studio and the club. In the scene there is a lot of sick people coming through at the moment. A few to check out you may not have heard of Bush Baby, Distinct, Zero, Sammy Vergy, and obviously some of my closer friends that make sick music are Holy Goof, Notion, Doxy & Brucey.


Besides music what are some of your passions & interests?
To be honest I dedicate most of my life to music so I don’t really have much other time spare but I do play a lot of PlayStation mainly Fortnight and Fifa. Apart from that just seeing friends really, but I am always up for something new.


What can we look forward to from you for the rest 2018?
So I’ve actually got a very busy end of the year lined up. I’ve got 3 or 4 releases to get out there including a track called ‘Hold It Down’ which I’m really looking forward to releasing it features Brucey. Who does a lot of hosting and emceeing for me. It’s been getting quite a lot of hype online really looking forward to releasing in that one. I’ve got a couple of collaborations which have been doing some damage in the clubs. Then it’s on to next year really and who knows what could happen then. But yeah just got some more UK shows lined up and then early next year. Back to America. Holy Ship and also an Australia tour which is a really cool experience. Obviously just going to be going with the flow as usual and just working hard and seeing what happens.


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