Sinner’s Heist – Machine (feat. Heather Jeanette) | Lowly Palace

‘Machine’ is a powerful cyberpunk track that will immerse the listener in its raw emotion. Sinner’s Heist implements pulsing synth chord progressions and super- charged bass that perfectly uplifts the power behind Heather Jeanette’s vocals. The culmination of these elements is nothing short of spectacular. Check out the track now and be sure to not miss out!

“About a year ago, this track actually used to be a remix of Adele – Hello. We put it up on soundcloud and it got taken down in matter of seconds due to copyright. Instantly decided to just make an original. We got in contact with Heather to see if she was interested in working together. First time we heard her demo we really liked it and have been making multiple versions of the track past couple months until we got this.”

Lowly Palace:
After establishing itself as the premiere YouTube music channel with over 11million subscribers, Trap Nation created its next generation label. Based out of Los Angeles and founded in 2016, Lowly Palace is a modern-day music label focused on curating tasteful electronic & indie music. Striving to diminish traditional beliefs and values in the music industry, Lowly Palace focuses on developing and growing small underground artists to recognized talent. Through the process of releasing music Lowly Palace focuses heavily on art and branding, utilizing the beautiful style of geometric forms and shapes. Each song released under Lowly Palace is given unique art according to the style and emotion that the song brings to the artist, creating an underground world throughout each release.


Sinner’s Heist:

Heather Jeanette: