EDMBOUTIQUE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW w/ Simon Field + New Single ‘Feel You’

DJ, Producer, Playlist Curator! Simon Field is certainly an artist for the modern age. His new single is dropping on the legendary Scandinavian label – Disco:wax. We take some time out to have a chat with Simon about his new single and a lot more!

Hi Simon! We love the vibe of your new single ‘Feel You’. You must be super happy with result and collaboration? How did you hook up with a young talent like Peder Elias?
The voice and the singer is the single most important element for me. So when a voice hits me I do what I can to set up a collab. I heard Peder somewhere on the net or live and loved the voice and his writing. When I found out he was based in Oslo, the choice was all too easy. We had a great first session and nailed more or less the entire Feel You in one session. So that was a great match. Peder very talent writer, singer and musician. A breeze to work with. Also enough humble to listen to co-writers ideas and try all alternatives.

How would you describe your sound?
I’ve been trying to do that to myself many times along the way to better understand what I am about as artist. I think words that stick are soft, deep-house with a pop-form. As DJ I’ve been labeled king of Sunset so I guess there is something in my sound that says that as well. I am very particular when it comes to what sound goes in and how it should sound, and I often go for the warmer and deeper sounds than hard hitting big room kinda things.

What’s the best piece of new music you have heard this week?
It’s some weeks old now, but I absolutely love the latest Calvin Harris track with Dua Lipa. Apart from that I just discovered a great little house label called Let There Be House Records through a track called Horizon that they brought out. Although this is more for my live se. Some of the tracks I’m adding this week to the IBIZA playlist are a track by VASSY, The Endorphines and the latest Cash Cash ft a singer called Abir that I really loved.

How did electronic music first enter your world?
I come from a background as bassist, but I always loved playing synth. I always carried a Moog or something to the gigs, in case I got a chance to play synth bass instead. One day that whole synth thing took over when I realized that I could program it all my-self at home – 100% synth. I’ve also been doing a lot of other pop and hip hop things as producer. Most often you end up 100% electronic there as well.

What were your early musical inspirations?
Oh my big brothers funk and disco albums – so many I can’t count them. Then I had a detour playing Salsa. Those bassists have so much of the swing and the impact that a proper house bass have. So I still incorporate a lot of that in my writing. But what really took me into where I am today are all the 90’ties house records that I got hold of at that time, from Erick Morillo, Todd Terry etc. Still great records today!

Was your dream always to make it in the world of music or was there ever anything else that interested you career wise?
It’s absolutely a dream, but it’s always be in the making. Like this moving target that you never get to 100%. Although every time you finish a song, it feels like a new step in the right direction. In regards to other areas, I love marketing, and I guess the success of my IBIZA playlist is partially a result of that. LOL

Do you prefer to DJ/perform or make music in the studio?
I think the perfect mix is studio in winter and DJ’ing summer. My music is not so dark and lend itself to sunset bars, rooftops and not necessarily clubs with a big floor. I love getting reaction from people live and the studio part wouldn’t have been what it is without the live part.

And finally, what is the one piece of advice you can offer to the thousands of budding producers out there reading this?
I think what has “saved” me and allowed me to grow is building my own sound and trusting myself that what came from within as what’s worth building on rather than trying to be someone else. I treasure anything unique and do what I can not to be a generic cocky-cutter. If you have a song that you think is done, don’t spend too much time letting everybody give you feedback. 90% of the feedback you get is a waste of time. To be honest, the kick being 2db up in the 60-80db range is not make or break for a song. The vocal is, the song form and the uniqueness of the idea.

Simon Field feat. Peder Elias ‘ Feel You’ is out on the 27th April 2018 via Disco:wax

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